Why All Web Developers Need To Be Up-to-speed on Security in 2017

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Countless businesses, organizations and even individual professionals rely on web developers in order to create and maintain a quality site. While an attractive, informative and full-featured site is often essential when it comes to online sales revenue, customer and client interaction and digital promotional efforts, businesses that fail to address the potential risks associated with online security could be making a very serious misstep. Addressing the most common and costly digital threats can help to ensure organizations are able to reduce the risk of a data breach that could cause lasting harm to their brand, image or customer relations.

Creating and Maintaining a More Secure Digital Infrastructure

A breach or other issue caused by malware, an unauthorized user or other preventable situation can be a more serious concern than many businesses may realize. Investing in digital infrastructure that affords greater security can greatly reduce the risk of personal, professional and even financial information that may be compromised or placed at risk due to a data breach. Failing to assess, update or upgrade their digital workspace and environment could be nothing short of a disaster, one that no business can afford to overlook.

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Infrastructure security is a concern that often encompasses many aspects of a business. Common issues with digital infrastructure that may leave businesses exposed to an unacceptable level of risk may include:

• Failing to properly configure, track or manage systems and mobile devices used by staff and associates
• Relying on outdated hardware, software or applications that suffer from a known security flaw
• Ineffective use of existing security resources or failing to make online security a top priority

Assessing the current state of a network and the digital working environment used by employees may turn up several potential issues and areas that may require further attention or improvement.

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Security Concerns Related to Third-party Web Services

From email and social media platforms to cloud computing and off-site data storage, third-party web services are a key asset within today’s increasingly digital marketplace. While these services can provide businesses with cost-effective solutions, enhance communication resources and the means to conduct more effective advertising or marketing campaigns, utilizing them can often entail a degree of risk. Assessing all third-party services and addressing their potential to compromise digital security is no longer a concern that businesses and commercial organizations can afford to overlook.

While the risk factors of dealing with third party services may differ from one provider to the next, some of the most serious concerns typically include:

• Compromised account and financial information in the event a service provider suffers a data breach
• Malware that may be introduced through use of an unsecured service, platform or application
• Increased risk of exposure due to services that have been improperly integrated into the existing infrastructure

When it comes to enhancing digital and online security, the potential issues and risk factors associated with third-party service providers are never concerns that should go overlooked.


Network, Website and Application Configuration and Monitoring

Network security is of paramount importance for developers, service providers and other commercial organizations seeking to protect their data. Lacking the staff, manpower or experience needed to accurately and effectively assess, identify and address any network security concerns could prove to be nothing short of a disaster. From hiring additional IT staff to utilizing VPS hosting options, there are numerous ways that organizations may be able to beef-up their network security.

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There are several ways that developers may be able to assist clients who may have concerns regarding their level of digital security, such as:

• Selecting a secure host
• Utilizing a firewall or selecting the best VPS hosting options
• Scan an assess sites in order to discover possible vulnerabilities
• Hire a digital security expert
• Utilizing strong encryption and password policies

Constant vigilance may be required in order to ensure that sites and networks are kept both safe and secure. Seeking out additional security resources can allow hosting services, developers and commercial organizations to address, prevent and resolve numerous risk factors.


Keeping Pace With Changing Technology and Emerging Trends

Like many other services and businesses, developers can quickly find themselves at a real disadvantage should they begin to fall behind the times. Potential threats and security risks can change rapidly, and the resources and solutions that are effective today could become all but useless in the days ahead. Making an effort to maintain a more up to date, well-rounded and comprehensive understanding of potential digital threats and the resources that are best able to address them ensures that developers will be able to take more effective action in their efforts to promote and maintain a superior degree of security.

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Web developers who neglect security concerns or who fail to familiarize themselves with the changing landscape and shifting trends that will be seen in 2017 could be making a serious misstep. From creating the right digital workspace to providing clients with tips on how to improve user habits or create more secure workflow processes, their are numerous ways to reduce the risk of a data breach or other issue. Developers and other professionals who maintain a current understanding of today’s biggest risks as well as the changes and trends that may be just over the horizon will be far more likely to enjoy success in the coming year.

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