Mixing Web Development With Content Generation: The Best Balance

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For anyone who has worked with either web development or content generation for websites in the last five years or so, you have felt the shift. You have felt the pressure, and know you can’t do just one of those things or the other. Now, you have to do them both. And for maximum efficiency, you have to do them both at the same time.

And it’s really tough to do that without a plan before you even begin, when it comes to initiating a completely new, original website. All things considered, it might be even more difficult to try to fix the frameworks that are already out there! So whether you’re a glass-half-empty or a glass-half-full person, the solution is the same, and that is that development and generation now will go hand-in-hand, all the way from the beginning to the end.

Start With the Creation of the Blog

Start at the beginning. When you are initially deciding to create a blog, you have to make some decisions that will affect the entire rest of your web development experience. The difference between creating a website manually, with WordPress or with Joomla, is gigantic. And once you’ve started with one of them, it’s really difficult to combine or even merge techniques. You pick one of those, and you stick with it. On a less developer-centric plan, you can go with something like Squarespace, but there are limitations when you start with something that self-contained and unchangeable.

Setup and SEO Framework

During the first stages of installation, when you’re making a blog on your server space, immediately consider all of the SEO plugins available. There are a handful of extremely stable versions of these plugins that give you a specific and easy to use method to ensure that SEO is done properly on every single page of your site. Regardless of what you’re writing about, there are best practices that these plugins will key you in on, and give you red, yellow, or green lights on how well you’re utilizing the principles involved.

Using Social Sharing Links

The perfect intersection of development and content generation is going to rest nicely in the social sharing world. As either a developer or a generator, you must know how to use social media for business and branding. The development tools will show you how to add the code and organize the buttons for automatic ease of use for clients and front-end browsers, and the generation tools will allow you to do things like self-populate text and images from major social networks onto the individual pages of your site. These are extremely powerful connections, and the code is actually quite simple. But you do have to make sure you have a working knowledge of things like ‘link juice’ and black and white hat techniques to avoid penalties from Google algorithms.

Read About Every Google Update

Either your best friend or your worst enemy when it comes to development and generation is going to be Google’s algorithm. Businesses thrive or die based on how well their framework and text fit into the scheme of pluses and minuses these automatic crawlers give your site. Learn them and adapt with them.

Obsess Over Your Analytics

Every aspect of web development now has some type of analytics associated with it. Once you understand how these analytics work, your next step is to learn to tweak your blog posts and write content in a way that sensibly creates the upward trends that lead to a better bottom line.

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