Latest Trends in Website Development

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We have seen a drastic change in the website development environment in the current year. Once we are armed with new design trends, techniques and ideas then nobody can stop us in reaching to our visitors in the best possible way. Here are the latest trends in website development:

1. Single Page Websites
If you have limited amount of content with few pages then single page website will be the best for you. It becomes easier to manage the content and navigation with a single page design. This is not a great thing for search engine optimization point of view but in case you are looking to keep things short and sweet then certainly you can consider development of a single page website.

2. Scrolling
With each passing day mobile devices are becoming more and more popular. In order to read the content readers are relying on scrolling feature. In the current year be ready to see longer and thoughtfully designed pages. Encourage your readers to scroll and engage them with more and more design elements in a longer webpage.

3. Flat UI
Flat user-interface is the latest trend in website development technology. It provides a basic design with less distracting elements. Previously websites used to have a skeuomorphic design that contained big gradients, rounded corners, objects which looked like real things and drop shadows. This technique is now replaced by flat UI with a less image-intensive design. Few images mean page will load at a fast speed.

4. Large Type
We have seen an increase in the screen resolutions in the past few years. This is why there has been a need to raise standard font size of a paragraph to make it more readable. There is a fashion of much longer headings that are clear and concise. If you have large headers then there are chances that readers will further read your content.

5. Flash/ Silverlight/ JavaScript / HTML 5 & CSS 3 Animations

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