How to Build an Effective e-Commerce Shopping Cart

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The internet has given shopping a whole new meaning. No longer do you have to wait for someone to come into your store, or meet you in person. In fact, you can never see customers in person and still run a successful sales operation.

But therein lies the danger of e-commerce: Because you can’t see customers—what they’re doing, why they are doing it, and if there’s hesitation in their actions or emotions—you can’t use typical sales techniques to persuade them. And that affects e-commerce shopping carts in very real ways.

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Take these figures: Seven out of ten people abandon their shopping carts, to the tune of billions of dollars in lost sales. In fact, just by improving your e-commerce, you can see more than a one-third improvement in your sales.

First, though, you have to analyze your e-commerce site and figure out possible impediments to customers. The, you have to streamline, rigorously and continuously. To find even more ways to boost e-commerce, take a look at this article. And be sure to use this graphic to help give you a great start to boosting e-commerce sales.

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