Clever Halloween Ad Designs

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Halloween comes with some of the most clever and funny advertisement designs you can see during the year.

Just like the Superbowl, the Halloween festivals bring lots of entertaining ads that get creative marketing and graphic design to a whole new level.We’ve prepared a neat list of some of the most bizarre and brilliant ads around. But before we jump in, let’s see what Halloween is really about.

It’s popularity also makes the Halloween week an ideal time for advertising. In the spirit of the holiday, each Halloween ad is perfectly matched with the spooky theme. The uncanny symbols, like cobwebs, ghosts, witches, and skeletons, unlock many paths for creative designing.

The Halloween ad designs intertwine various features that make for some unusual, spooky, and pun-filled concepts. This collection reveals some of the wittiest and most peculiar ad designs ever created for Halloween.

#1: McDonalds “Happy Halloween”

Advertising Agency: Lopito Ileana & Howie, Puerto Rico

McDonalds definitely stepped up its game in the food corporation battles. This ad is as clever as it is risky. Not only does it place the Burger King brand in a central position on the canvas but it also shows a fun way that kids can upcycle their paper bags. Then again, this humor is targeted towards adult customers so it most probably worked out the way it was intended to.

Yet another masterpiece ad design that puts McDonalds in the spotlight. This ad shows how with the right amount of melted cheese and a bit of ketchup on the side, even a tasty hamburger can make you look twice before having a bite.

Thanks to: Daniela Stenzenberger

Agency: CCP,Heye / DDB Tribal

The idea is in place, the product looks delicious, the brand is well-positioned and there’s nothing that can take away this ad design from the top place. And those crispy fries are definitely hard to resist.

#2: Guinness

Now, here’s a clever one. At first, you’ll see what appears to be the mouth of a vampire. Under closer examination, you’ll notice the overall layout resembles the Guinness signature look – thick foam gently covering a perfect glass of dark ale.

This ad uses the same concept with the glass edges standing for the teeth of an imaginary vampire. The ad has a cleaner and more cartoonish feel.

#3: Ariel “Bite”

Advertising Agency: The Marketing Store, Canada

Yet another vampire concept that’s creatively translated into the real world in the form of an elegant collar spot. If you had the displeasure of cleaning off blood stains from show white clothing you’ll definitely feel connected with the idea behind the Ariel Halloween ad.

#4: Snickers

This creepy Halloween ad has a special place in the heart of every Snickers fan. It’s witty, it’s hilarious and somewhat disturbing, but it’s also utterly brilliant. The Snickers ad campaign for Halloween features several posters which show different homeowners welcoming themselves on the Halloween eve – of course, with a bowl of their favorite snack, Snickers. The campaign goes under the motto “It’s what you would want”.

Another poster from the same campaign showing an ordinary bald guy giving treats and mini Snickers to his miniature self.

#5: Heineken

Heineken has some great ads overall yet the brand’s Halloween campaigns never fail to amaze us with a cleverly developed concept. As an affirmation that Heineken is the top preferred choice of everyone, even on Halloween, this spooky poster features a headless man, mesmerised by the heavenly taste of the German ale. This particular ad campaign has several posters that feature a wolverine, a mummy, a vampire, the death reaper, and Frankenstein.

A more recent Halloween ad by Heineken revolves around the ghostly appearance of a cold bottle of one of the world’s favourite beers. The bottle seems almost like a mirage that quickly slips away from the grip of a thirsty customer.

#6: Pizza Hut

Heineken deserves an Oscar for it’s fresh and entertaining approach towards advertisement but this Pizza Hut ad is what really makes my stomach rumble. The perfectly melted cheese form a particularly creepy silhouette that despite its spooky appearance seems undeniably delicious.

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