Beautiful Landing Page Designs That Sell

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Landing pages are the place visitors go when they open your site. These pages can be either generic web pages that give basic information about your company, like a home page or a service page, for example. Alternatively, landing pages can be tailored for a specific audience, similar to what the numerous startups make when they launch a new campaign.

Landing page designs vary in size, structure, and style, but their purpose is all the same – achieve maximum conversions.  Depending on the specific needs of their targeted users and the plans of the company, landing pages may be as simple as a quick signup form and as complex as a multi-page marketing campaign project.

Without further ado, grab a snack, sit tight and prepare to see some of the juiciest landing page designs out there.


When I first spotted this little gem, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the product’s friendliness.


I’ve never been much into surveys so on a good day, I would typically rely on my old pal SurveyMonkey to get the job done without questioning its powers. But that day was different.

It got changed by the smile of a chubby, bearded vector character that invited me on a short conversation. Or at least, that’s how they call surveys in Typeform. Shortly after my first encounter with the site, I was already halfway into creating my first survey. And to my surprise, I was enjoying every second of the process.

From customizing my template design and changing the fonts and colors to actually writing the questions. All I had to do next was sign up, and I would get my first survey ready to be sent to my friends, clients, and colleagues.

Key Points: Actionable design. Non-binding creation process. Friendly attitude. Available product test right on the landing page.

Check out this landing page design here.


Interactive button tags on images – now that’s something you don’t see every day.


ThinkLink know’s the power of its product and puts it into use right above the fold of its gorgeous website. The otherwise dull signup section on the site is changed dramatically by a set of actionable icons arranged on the high-resolution background image.

If the demonstration doesn’t seem enough, ThinkLink secures it’s visitor’s attention with a short info section and a vivid display of its product in action.

ThingLinks is an innovative product that makes images more interactive than ever and it creatively uses its functionality to create a landing page design that really gets it audience going.

Key Points: Example of the product in action above the fold. Product uniqueness. Detailed information about the product and its use.

Check out this landing page design here.


This handy app connection tool is as good as it gets. It’s a multipurpose management system for social media channels, smart home systems, and mobile device apps. IFTTT is so incredibly complex that it’s almost unbelievable that the team has managed to create a landing page design that really serves its purpose.


Since IFTTT allows you to do tons of things, the landing page designs of this website are separated into six main categories. They further branch into a number of specialized sections which describe the various functionality options that come with each app and product which can be connected with your IFTTT.

Besides the home page, another channels page opens up your way into the app. It follows the four basic steps of functionality that serve as the name of the app – If This Than That.

IFTTT Landing Page

With over 300 services connected with the site, IFTT has one of the most complex and well-designed landing pages out there.

Key Points: Multipurpose landing page design. High complexity turned into a simple product. Extreme usability and service available even before the signup.

Check out this landing page design here.

Other Honorable Mentions

Lunarway: Strong call-to-action, great supporters, tasty incentives, a metro design that matches the millennial target group.



YesZoe: Simple, straight-to-the-point design with a clear call-to-action and simple page sections.

Minimalist landing page design


Lingo: Color-rich, interactive landing page design made to serve its target community of designers.

Lingo's landing page design


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