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In both architectural design and UX design, the hypothesis is that a user has an end goal in mind. For both the architect and the UX designer, their job is to design an enjoyable experience for the user while keeping business objectives in mind.

A simple journey getting from Point A to Point B needs to be balanced with understated exposure to other possible routes. For example:

A family of five drives to a commercial shopping mall on a Sunday to buy groceries at the supermarket for the week. Dad is driving. He follows the signage to the parking garage. He notes the nearest lift lobby to the supermarket and finds a parking lot near it. He knows that a lot is open because the parking lot status indicator is shining green. Mom wheels the stroller up the ramp to the lobby and little Lucy presses the elevator button, which is designed to be at a universally friendly height. The family takes the elevator up to the third floor where the supermarket is.

The trip for the whole family was fuss-free. Along the way, they strolled by restaurants with lunch promotions and shop fronts displaying various items for sale. At some point, grandma saw a Japanese restaurant and developed a sudden hankering for sushi. The whole family decided to stop for a quick meal, patronizing the Japanese restaurant.

The journey has to be accessible for all?; ?that includes the able-bodied, the young, the old, and the handicapped

When architects plan a building, they consider the journey one has to take to get to a destination. In a building with good universal design, the basic expectations have to be met. The journey has to be accessible for all?; ?that includes the able-bodied, the young, the old, and the handicapped. Signage is legible and appropriately placed to ensure that there is absolute clarity in finding a destination.

On top of these minimum requirements, an architect performs as the agent of his client. Part of that responsibility means taking business goals into consideration in order for the development to operate successfully upon completion. Depending on the intent of the development, he may find himself having to plan navigation in a way that boosts sales, or accomplish some other form of desired outcome.

For example, in the case of commercial retail projects, revenue has to be made. A successful commercial shopping mall makes profit by having reputable brands and helping them achieve target sales through a combined strategy of marketing and design. Boosting sales through design can work in many ways

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