8 Resource Websites For Newsletter Design Inspiration

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Email is a leading communication channel with nearly 4 billion email accounts worldwide. Over 91% of consumers check their email on a daily basis which makes email campaigns a top competitor for user engagement in the advertising sector. Even though 35% of email recipients open email based solely on the subject line, the newsletter design and copy are the only thing that can prevent users from bouncing back and unsubscribing.

Choosing the best email marketing services is one way to ensure your email campaign will get the attention it deserves. What makes your email truly stand out from the rest is its design. There are billions of emails sent each day but hunting down the good ones is a difficult task. Luckily, the 8 websites below have made it easy for designers and marketing experts to browse the finest newsletter designs and use them for their inspiration.

#1: Email-Gallery

Email Gallery

Email Gallery is one of the many cool projects of the California-based designer Min Kim along with Endless Icons and Endless Photos. The site offers thousands of email designs as an inspiration for its visitors. The newsletter snapshots are separated in over 35 categories. They can also be filtered by color and by column count.

#2: HTML Email Gallery

Html Email Gallery

Originally created back in 2007, the site was one of the first in its kind that offered users a curated gallery of HTML email designs. Ten years later, HTML Email Gallery has evolved into an easily searchable that provides filtering by company name, accent colors, email type, season, product, and more. The site owner urges creatives to submit their newsletter designs to the site and contribute to developing the gallery, so if you already have some email designs of your own, don’t hesitate to drop him a line.

#3: Really Good Emails

Really Good Emails

Really Good Emails is an online gallery of handpicked newsletter designs that got a huge response from the Product Hunt audience more than three years ago. Today, the website still stands as one of the people’s go-to place for email design inspiration. The founder, Mathew Smith, works on organizing the gallery with other self-proclaimed email geeks. The result is a huge collection of over 450 app newsletter designs, 150 welcome emails, 200 promotional email examples, and thousands of other amazing projects separated into 84 categories. The team also accepts submits and has a great sense of humor. Check out their About Me page to see for yourself and have a good laugh.

#4: Mailer Lite


Mailer Lite is a company with an inspiring story and an email gallery of personal projects that will make you fall in love with newsletter design all over again. Their newsletter collection features only designs made by their team but it’s definitely worth checking out. Their designs are well-balanced with a great choice of imagery and typography. They come in 19 categories, among which you can find some excellent examples of animated design.

#5: Beautiful Email Newsletters


They describe themselves as the number one HTML email gallery in the world and their massive collection of top-notch newsletters backs their statement up. The team welcomes new submissions hosts some great competitions that can motivate you to step up your game and design some great projects to brag with. Ben, the main curator behind Beautiful Email Newsletters, also shares a handpicked selection of email marketing resources that will help you learn the nuts and bolts of managing a newsletter campaign.

#6: Mailchimp


With over 12 million users, sending awesome emails each day, Mailchimp is one of the world’s most popular email marketing tools. Their inspiration gallery displays a collection of the finest newsletter designs created with Mailchimp’s handy design tool. The website has a rather clean category section with 14 main categories which makes it way easier to browse than other email galleries.

#7: Email Monks

Email Monks

Email Monks is a design agency with an exceptional collection of newsletter designs. Their gallery is a showcase of more than 35 thousand email templates and landing pages that have been created to date by the team. Their newsletter gallery features designs for some of the world’s top brand, like Starbucks, Mango, Food52, Brit+Co, and more. Although you won’t be able to filter designs by style or type, you’ll find yourself endlessly scrolling through their mesmerizing collection, enchanted by the lovely designs.

#8: Campaign Monitor


Тhis email design showcase displays the top 100 out of the 4 million newsletters that are sent each year through Campaign Monitor. The gallery is not constantly curated but it’s a great starting point for your newsletter design inspiration. It features some really good examples of photography, type, and copy tied up together to create truly engaging email designs that deliver top results.

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