5 Unexpected Places To Find Design Clients

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Finding design clients isn’t always easy. Sometimes, it requires the same amount of creativity we put into building our best designs. But that’s what makes freelancing so amazing. It’s filled with untapped resources that can help you find fresh collaboration offers and new design clients. All you need to do is put your creativity to use.

#1: Partner up with tech experts at a coworking space

Working at home can be quite enjoyable. You’ll be surprised how attending meetings in your PJ’s can suddenly become a normal thing. And how quickly you’ll adapt to a new morning routine that starts right about when you’d usually take your lunch break. It’s all a dream come true until the loneliness steps in.

Find design clients

Sooner or later you’ll realise you maybe miss your old office. Luckily, you don’t have to get your job back. All you got to do is find a cosy coworking space.

There are thousands of coworking spaces all across Europe and the US where tech experts, startup owners and working nomads build their products.

Go out of the house for a change and meet some new friends at your local coworking space. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to partner up with other great minds and join forces to create something amazing together.

#2: Create online course and expand your auditory

You’ve probably never envisioned yourself as a teacher. Truth is, most people don’t. It’s a role we tend to dislike and connect to our childhood years spent under the close guidance of strict councillors.

Find design clients

Still, the ability to inspire and educate others is a quality not many can boost with. If you’re an expert in your field, you’re a problem solver and you love sharing your knowledge you’ll definitely love coaching. And doing it from the comfort of your own home is even more delighting.

Today, there are hundreds of platforms, like Udemy and Teachable, where you can create and distribute your online courses. And even earn something on the side. But the real bonus that comes with it is connecting with people. You’ll find that most of your students will usually be experts in different fields that might be interested in having a professional help them with their graphic tasks.

#3: Grow big by completing small task

You just quit your job to start your own freelancing business but you can’t find any clients? Don’t worry that’s absolutely normal. Yet, this doesn’t mean things should stay that way.

Find design clients

While places like AirTasker are famous for providing small handyman, housekeeping and delivery jobs, there are also many people who seek designers there. And there’s always Fiverr which is focused mostly on digital services. You’re probably wondering what’s the catch? Why are there so many people offering their services for a few dollars at most?

Truth is, most of those small tasks lead to bigger ones. You design a stationary for John and next thing you know he wants you to create his brand identity and website, too.

#4: Get new clients through a coupon website

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of coupons?

Find design clients

It’s probably not exactly related to design but that’s the charm of it. People in sites like Groupon and LivingSocial are in for the deals. They’ll take anything that offers quality and affordability in a single package.When the market is not flooded with quirky design studios that offer to create you an awesome logo for a dime, your chances of getting a few clients suddenly raise.

But be prepared for a huge load of work. You might end up having more clients than you’ve bargained for. Design them a great product and provice a memorable experience and people will come back to you with more requests.

#5: Give away freebies to the designers community

People love free goods. They love them so much they’d gladly tweet about them or like them in return.

Find design clients

Designing for the community is a type of charity work that doesn’t necessarily pay off but doing it feels great, nonetheless. But there’s something that often gets overlooked. When you put your heart and soul into creating your  product, it will inevitably get noticed.

You don’t need to get shared by big magazines to discovered by people. All you have to do is do what you love with passion and soon, you’ll be able to find a lot of new design clients.

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