After the crowdfund, websites of successful Kickstarter campaigns

Kickstarter has become a huge influencer in the startup space, as well as in the entertainment and arts industries among independent creators. Everything from movie sequels for popularTV shows to potato salad have been funded on the site, along with making a lot of dreams come true for creators and entrepreneurs.

But after most Kickstarter campaigns are completed, companies and projects have to continue to exist on the Web. That means websites, in most cases. Studying how different projects and companies have handled their post-Kickstarter websites provides some fascinating insight into what happens after the fundraising stops, as well as how Kickstarter is perceived in various industries.

Film & Video

The film and video category is one of the largest on Kickstarter, with numerous campaigns earning over a million dollars (including one that raised over five million).

Wish I Was Here

Kickstarter Page | Website

The website for Wish I Was Here is a fantastic example of what a film website should be. It makes it easy to find the pertinent information about the film while keeping things simple and visually striking. They don

Webzin Infotech

Ceo, Webzin Infotech

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