20 Masculine E-commerce Websites​ f​or Father’s Day​

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With Father’s Day approaching, I can’t easily pass by a great menswear E-commerce website without noticing its web design layout, its typography, and overall style.

So, allow me to present you:

20 Manly Examples of E-Commerce Web Design Done Right

#1 East Dane

East Dane

Eastdane is the menswear alternative to Shopbop. The website slider features an excellent example of minimalist retro design interlaced with up-to-trend fashion.

Visit here.

#2 Billy Reid

Billy Reid

Originally an e-commerce website for men and women, Billy Reid stands out with a pale, minimalist design which gives the website a stylish unisex look. The leading design choice for this online shop revolves around the use of gray and beige as background that allows the clothing texture to stand out.

Visit here.

#3 Cladwell


This one is not your typical e-commerce  website. It advertises the idea of having a “capsule wardrobe”. This means owning a set of matching clothes that fit ideally together and serve great in formal and casual events. Following this idea, the website design provides an accessible and perfectly organized wardrobe generator.

Visit here.

#4 Urbane & Gallant

Urbane & Gallant

Going for the classic look is always a good idea both in apparel and web design. Urbane and Gallant uses a grayscale color palette and a minimal choice of typography to promote their menswear.

Visit here.

#5 Mr Porter

Mr Porter

The oversized add text and cool textile patterns are one way to catch your visitors’ attention. Add great editorial content and video content to the mix and you’ll be hitting the jackpot all the time.

Visit here.

#6 Bonobos


This stylish menswear e-commerce website has a full-width slider, a neat product carousel and a call-to-action which are ideally balanced on a clean and minimal design layout.

Visit here.

#7 Proper Cloth

Proper Cloth

Proper Cloth is a menswear website which provides custom-made shirts to male style rants who wish to look perfect on any formal occasion. The site uses a metro layout and high-quality imagery to emphasize on the quality of its product.

Visit here.

#8 Vineyard Vines

Vineyard Vines

The Vineyard Vines menswear e-commerce website has a hipster feel. Yet, the “red, whale and blue” colors of their current Summer collection give off the whole site a rather patriotic appearance.

Visit here.

#9 The Practical Man

The Practical Man

The Practical Man features a radical design for its online menswear shop. The raw, grid-based website layout uses perspective typography in the typewriter style and has a neat above-the-fold carousel with recent purchases. Practical, isn’t it?

Visit here.

#10 Mainline Menswear

Mainline Menswear

Mainline conveniently uses the sidebar to display a side menu and eye-catching ads of its new collections. The products are centered just below a sleek slider.

Visit here.

#11 House of Fraser

House of Fraser

Targeted at both men and women, this E-commerce website has a bold take at product advertisement. It uses bright colors for its ad banners which give the site a clean and organized metro-style appearance.

Visit here.

#12 River Island

River Island

The deals on the website, located just above the slider, provide great exposure for the brand’s promotions and attract the visitors’ attention. The website follows a grid layout that displays all product categories in neat carousels.

Visit here.

#13 Marks And Spencer

Marks And Spencer

The website of Marks and Spencer provides a sophisticated mix of editorial content and E-commerce products. The advanced menu allows users to easily navigate though the site.

Visit here.

#14 Debenhams


The design of Debenhams features a convenient, folded menu in the right sidebar which facilitates navigation. The large banner ad and brand logos just above the fold effectively attract the visitors’ attention.

Visit here.

#15 Terraces Menswear

Terraces Menswear

The Metro web design style definitely rules the menswear e-commerce niche. Terraces feature a clean main menu and additional category banners below the slider image.

Visit here.

#16 Harrods


Harrods’ interactive header image displays deals and featured products in a unique and eye-catching way that successfully directs visitors towards the main highlights on the website.

Visit here.

#17 Best Menswear

Best Menswear

If the dreamy tropical header image isn’t enough to make visitors stay on the website, they’ll be definitely attracted by the great deals displayed on the product carousels.

Visit here.

#18 Joseph


Yet another minimalist apparel collection that does web design right. The thin sans serif typography and sleek ghost buttons perfectly match the style of the clothing collection.

Visit here.

#19 Modern Menswear

Modern Menswear

An oversized header image with a smartly placed CTA button ( notice the golden ratio here? ) – what a better way to grab your client’s attention than that?

Visit here.

#20 Scotts Menswear

Scotts Menswear

Scotts Menswear has a product display to die for and a cool advanced menu that doesn’t let a single deal slip away from your view.

Visit here.

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