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10 Chrome Addons Every Dev Should Have

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Improve your workflow and save time with this collection of Chrome extensions. No matter if you’re a web developer, designer, an SEO specialist, website analyzer, or you’re just curious to learn more, you’ll find all of these browser extensions incredibly useful.

Web Developer

Web developer

The first chrome extension that comes to mind when it comes to web development is Web Developer ( hence, the name ). It’s a super handy tool with a lot of cool features. Once, installed, it adds a toolbar that allows you to make different tweaks when viewing your site. It allows you to disable the popups, plugins, and JavaScript. You can also remove the cookies and see how your website appears when the CSS file doesn’t load up. You can also get some useful information and manage the images on the website along with doing some useful tests that would otherwise take more of your time to perform.

CSS Viewer

CSS viewer


Want a simple CSS property viewer? The CSS viewer addon is the tool for you. It creates a floating box that shows up a status report and information about the sections you’re hovering over with your mouse. It also indicates the font, color, text, background, and positioning of the attributes. This extension will provide you with a neat overview on the CSS of any website and swiftly provide you with the basic information you need to perform your CSS tweaks.



If you need further more information about the backend of the website you’re browsing, you should definitely check out Wappalyzer. This handy Chrome extension will reveal the content management platform the website is using. It will also show information about the web servers and the currently installed analytics tools and JavaScript frameworks. Wappalyzer can successfully identify the software that’s installed on any website and will provide you with a handy solution for website analysis in comparison to other online tools.



To detect trackers and various embedded snippets on a given website, you need to get your hands on yet another great tool. It’s called Ghostery. It will allow you to see what plugins and tracking software are installed on the website. It will also provide you with the option to switch them off and on, or block them completely. Since Ghostery protects its users’ privacy, it requires no registration whatsoever. So, go ahead – install it and reveal what tracking tools do other web developers and website owners use on their websites.



The holy grail of correct grammar use – Grammarly with change the way you write completely. True, it may not look like it’s entirely connected to web development. It’s more suitable for writers but if you’ve spotted some embarrassing typos on your website, you probably know why this tool is so important. It will check almost any typing box you load up on your browser, including various WYSIWYG text editors. It will help you correct the error on the spot. The only downside to this amazing tool is that it doesn’t work with Google Docs. Yet. Fingers crossed!



Now that you know how important it is to use correct grammar and spelling you probably wonder what tool can you use when it comes to writing in Google Docs. The answer is WriteWell. It is an award-winning writing software and productivity browser extension which can help you handle any writing project with ease. If you like to save you website copy on Google documents you’ll find this extension incredibly valuable. It will provide you with various tips of writing, show you phrase samples and help you write well.



When you’re working on a web project it’s important that you get feedback from other web developers, general users, and professionals in different areas. There are multiple tools to do so. What Usersnap does is simplify the feedback process and turn it into a quick e-mail response with image snapping that goes directly into your profile archive. So when a friend or colleague asks you for feedback, you can take a snapshot, point out the perks and disadvantages of the website with visual examples, send your tips and then go back to your previous feedback with a single mouse click.


Imagine how much time you’d save by creating macros and automate your website testing process. This is possible with the iMacros extension for Chrome. It lets you record your actions and save them immediately. This tool will do the repeatable actions for you and save you lots of time.

Windows Resizer

Windows Resizer

Having a responsive website is essential for the user experience and the position of your site in the SERP. There’s no doubt in that. But before you go and test your site on every single device you can find, do yourself a favor and install the Windows Resizer extension. It will allow you to quickly resize the window of your browser to any screen size and test the responsiveness of the website you’re browsing.

Clear Cache


How many time have you made changes to your site only to reveal that nothing actually appears as it should when you reload the page? You’ve probably figured it out quickly but regardless, pumping Ctrl + F5 has a better alternative now – the Clear Cache Chrome extension. It adds a neat little button in the add-ons bar that you can click anytime you want to clear the cache of the page you’re viewing.

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